Thought I lost it

Earlier, before I decided to create a second blog (Through the Eyes of the “Blue”), I was writing my latest blog about rookie mistakes. Once I had finished it I proceeded to try to save it. Upon hitting the “save draft” button, I received the infamous internet explorer error.

When I quickly hit the back button the page was blank. I was pissed! About 500 words…lost!

I went to my dashboard, the is the area of my blog that shows all my stats: blogs written, number of viewers, most actively viewed postings, and options for updating my blog. Luckily, in this section, I seen that the entry I was writing was saved as a draft!

Whew…I did not have to worry about trying to re-write the posting.

I know…what’s the big deal, right? Afterall, it is JUST a blog posting!

You’re right, it is JUST a blog posting. But, as with any writing; whether it be a blog, letter, email, report, or essay, if you put in the time to write it you don’t expect for it to disappear.

Like I said, luckily it was saved as a draft and I could post it without having to re-write it all. Maybe next time I might write it in word first, then copy it over to my blog. …Nah! That would be too much work!

A little lost

It will be a week on Saturday that the wife and I had to turn over the van we were leasing. Now that we are down to only one vehicle, it really sucks! To be honest, I am a little lost. I know that I hardly ever went anywhere before, but if I wanted to I could. Now, that is really not an option.

Now I have to rely on a co-worker to get me to and from work. Not the most pleasant feeling in the world. I really don’t like relying on others to get me where I need to be. I am grateful that this friend of mine is willing to help me out. And, so far, they have proved to be trustworthy. However, I hate being dependant on others.

It really sucks because the wife gets out of work three hours after me, at least. Plus, when she gets out of work the banks and Doctor’s offices are closed. Which means that any and all appointments (like the ones that I have to set up for my daughters) have to be made strategically. Then I have to hope that my friend will be willing to take me to the wife’s work to get the car. Then I have to hope that the appointment will be done in time to pick the wife up from work when she gets out. To me, this is just one big cluster, you know?

I am hoping to be able to buy a decent, yet not-too-expensive vehicle in about a month. I am not 100% sure how we are going to do it, but if everything works out the way I have planned, and am hoping it does, we should have enough to get a decent vehicle.

I talked to my boss a little bit today about the possibility of me working later everyday in order to save up some money quicker. I’m not sure if she will be able to get the approval from the BIG BOSSES on that one though. The only problem with that will really be if there are any appointments getting scheduled, or that ARE ALREADY scheduled.

The more that I think about all of this, the more lost I feel. I just hope that we will be able to find our way, real soon.

Until next time, my friends…