The results are in

Went to the Doctor today to find out the results of the CT-scan and discuss other things going on with my body. Well, he told me that the only thing they found in the CT-scan was a small cyst on my liver. He said that it was nothing to worry about, and that it wasn’t what is causing the issues with my side.

At first he was wanting to send me in for a regular x-ray to see if anything could be seen from that (hmmm…if a CT-scan doesn’t see anything, and that is supposed to be BETTER than an x-ray, then what will the x-ray see exactly?). But, after discussing with him various issues with my irregular movements (for those of you that are like – “huh?” – I’m talking about my shitting, k?!) he decided that he would refer me to a Gastroenterologist to see if there was something that they could find. In the meantime, he suggested for me to take fiber suppliments to see if that helps the problems.

Two things come to mind when I think about taking fiber suppliments:

  1. I am getting really, really old in my young age. How many 33 year olds do you know of that have to take fiber suppliments, huh?
  2. Kinda reminds me of the “Jack in the Box” commercial (if you have Jack in the Box restaurant in your area, you might have seen the commercial) where the Jack in the Box character was shopping (at a place like a Sam’s Club) and seen the lady grabbing multiple MEGA sized packs of toilet paper. As he was walking by he said, “Someone’s getting their fiber.” (That commercial cracks me up every time…lol).

Let’s just say that I am pretty sure that I will not have ANY problems going any time soon. And if I do then there is something more wrong with me than what I thought.

Other than that, he is sending me to physical therapy for the hip pain that I have been having lately. I have no idea what would have brought on the pain, but it has been hurting like HELL!!!

Like I said, I am getting old in my young age.


For those of you that may be wondering, the wife didn’t hear anything today about the job she was doing the “working interview” at. Hopefully she will get a call tomorrow with some good news.

That seems to be all that I have for today. Told ya’ll that I would update today after hearing what the Doctor had to say. And what can I say, I am a man of my word! 🙂

Now there really isn’t anything to do until Big Brother comes on at 9pm. I hear that it is going to be really, really good tonight cause someone breaks down and is kicked out (if you already know, keep your mouth shut until after tonights show is over! I have been having to keep the wife and kids from talking about it since they already know. I hate when people ruin the surprises!).

Until next time, my friends…