Saying Goodbye!

First things first. I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July. Everyone that partied hard, I hope that you were all safe, and are all recovering well. For those of you that did not party hard, I hope that you all had an exciting and enjoyable day yesterday.

On to the story…

As you all know I moved my family down to Asheville to be with me this past week. All things considered, everything went very well. Packing and loading the moving truck was a little frustrating at times, tempers flared (especially with the children, and the wife dealing with the children), but everything got loaded and unloaded without anyone getting killed – now that is a good thing! 😉

Last Tuesday was our last night in Muskegon, and let me tell you, it was an emotional one. Before we headed out to my parents house for the night, we made a stop by my wife’s Niece’s house – mainly so that she could cut my hair one last time – and to say our goodbye’s. This stop was really emotional for my wife, kids, and her niece since they have been really close for the past couple, few years now. I really hope that she is able to find someone that she can count on to help her out with her son, the way that my wife was able to be there for her.

After the long goodbye, and the tears falling and soaking the shirts, we get in the car for one last, and little less emotional, stop off to my friends house. I had to make sure that I stopped off to see him since I had a little piece of our history that I wanted to leave with him (not gonna go into what it is since we could both get in trouble for it…lol). Since I was already emotional from the previous stop, I could not contain my emotions when I gave my friend a hug to say goodbye. Even though we have not been able to hang out much over the past few years, we knew that we were still there for each other, no matter what!

Tuesday was a very, very emotional day for the family. We were saying goodbye not only to our friends and family, we were saying goodbye to our first real family home. The one that we worked so hard to purchase, and the life that we worked so hard to have. Allbeit, it was not the best home to live in, it was still our HOME for the past five years.

Wednesday was travel day. The day that we said goodbye to the State of Michigan. The first day of a new beginning, the start of a new life, and the day that all that troubled us in the past was virtually, to me, left behind. It was the day for the clean slate, the day we hit the restart button, the day we finally got our “do over.”

The trip itself wasn’t too bad. We couldn’t have really asked for better weather. I rained a little here and there, but for the most part, it was a good day for travel. It took us about 17 1/2 hours to get from Muskegon to Asheville, but we were only doing about 65 mph the whole way (I was driving a 26 ft U-Haul truck. Wasn’t trying to drive too fast…lol), and we were stuck in a traffic jam for about 1 1/2 hours in Cincinnati cause a truck hauling paint busted open. Other than that, it was a good trip.

The past couple days were pretty good. Sun was shining (which made unpacking that much easier!), and it wasn’t too hot out during the day. We were able to unload the entire truck in about 5-6 hours and return that beast to the local U-Haul station (thank God! Since the damn thing was too big to fit in my driveway, and was taking up too much room in the turn-around on our street!). Of course, we still have boxes to unpack. But, the big and important things are unpacked and available for use.

Today was the most emotional day for me by far. Today was the day that I said goodbye to my parents. They came down with us so, thankfully, we had someone to help us with the move on this end. But, this morning we had to say goodbye. As my wife and I were watching them drive away, all I could think and say to myself (I did not dare to say it out loud) was “Now, we are officially on our own!” Even though I did not have the best relationship with my parents, I always knew that I could count on them for anything that I might need. But now, they will only be able to help from afar.

Although my wife and daughters are here with me now, knowing that we are alone and on our own, no family to help in that time of need, scares the shit out of me! Eventually the fear and emotions will subside. The tears will dry. And the overall comfort will set in. But, until then, I can honestly say that I will miss the hell out of the loved ones I had to leave behind.

Sorry this is such a long post today, but I had to get it all out. Thank you, my friends, for being here to virtually listen to me. It does mean a lot. 🙂

Until next time, my friends…

Saturday Snippets – II

Got a short little “Saturday Snippets” for you today.

First…I must say RIP to Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. Two people that have been in the public eye for so many years. You both will be missed by many!


Today is my family’s party day. This afternoon we are having our gathering with family and friends to say goodbye. I forsee that we will have an emotional afternoon, depending on who all actually show up.

After the few hours with the family and friends, I am hoping to talk my wife into one last night out at the bar. It might work, but, you know, who knows what she might be thinking?

So, if you are in the Muskegon area, and want to hang out, keep you eyes peeled for updates from me on twitter and facebook as to where I might be! You can find me on those sites by following the links under “Where You Can Find Me” on the side of my page. *over there…yeah, right there*

So, honestly, if you want to hang out, just come find me! 🙂


Wanted to share with you all some more of my Wifey’s Textual Feelings (these ones are mainly all jokes she has texted me). As long as she keeps texting them to me, I will continue to share them with you! 😉


Beer $10..Bag of weed $20..Condoms $2.75..Finding out she swallows & has no gag reflex…Priceless!. Fuck mastercard,it pays 2 discover!


What did the easter egg say to the boiling water? Its gonna take awhile to get me hard, I just got laid by some chick. LOL Happy Easter! (yes…it was a joke sent to me around Easter)


Somebody snitched on us! The cops are lookin for a sexy mother fucker and a retard. They have me so grab ur helmet n run little buddy!


Here is one that is better suited for the wintertime…but, oh-well…lol (NSFW)

I hate 2 wake up in the morning & find fuckking snow on my car

fucking snow


Hope you all have enjoyed this week’s edition of “Saturday Snippets.” While you are all here, why don’t you take the time to check out some of the other bloggers that I follow in the blogosphere! They are all awesome…and, I guarantee, some of them will have you laughing so hard that ite will hurt! Or, they might make you throw up…either way, they are the best. 😉

Have a wonderful weekend, y’all!

Until next time, my friends…


F-Word Friday

F-Word Friday is a theme that I am stealing/borrowing from fellow blogger and friend Ms.Darkstar. It is a day to take a random word, that begins with F (of course), and express your thoughts accordingly.


This week’s F-Word is Finally.

 That’s right, my friends. This weeks word is FINALLY! Not only because it is Friday, and the weekend is here. But…

Finally… I am done with school for the summer. My brain feels like mush from working on classwork for the past 24 weeks STRAIGHT! Now, the only question is, do I want to continue? I still have three more years, according to my schedule, before I earn my Bachelor Degree. That is a long time! Especially since I am currently going on-line (the reason why I just got done with 24 straight weeks of school). If I decide to continue, do I want to continue with on-line classes, or do I want to transfer to the local University? This is a big decision because I am not sure how many credits will transfer. I guess that I will just take the summer to think about it. 🙂

Finally… As you all know, I am finally going to be moving my wife and children down here with me. It has been a long, lonely, trying nine months! But, we made it through. I fly out this afternoon around 12:15pm and should be in Grand Rapids, MI around 5pm, with a layover in Detroit of course.

Finally… I start my vacation today! I agree, it’s not going to be much of a vacation since I will be moving. But, it is still a vacation from work! Time to relax a little bit and reset my brain! Although I will be on vacation, and NO I am not bringing my computer with me, I will still have posting made daily. Not like you really care, I know! But, for those few that do read me, I already have postings written and set up to post!

Finally… As I said in another post, no more processed food! Finally I will be able to eat real, home-cooked meals again! My wife has already asked me, “what if I don’t feel like cooking one of these days?” Of course, my response to that was, “too bad!” LOL…I did say that, but I am not serious. I know that there will be times when she wont feel like cooking and will want something quick and easy, so I guess those will be the days we go out to eat! 😉

Well, my friends, now I am finally done with this posting! 😉

Until next time, my friends…

I’m Ready…

…Continued from yesterday’s post. The final posting of the three-part series.

That’s right folks, I am ready!

I gave you all a quick reflection, and I told you all my fears. But, now, I am here to tell you all that I am ready to continue on this journey we call life with my family by my side.

I’m ready… to quit eating processed food. I mean, do you know what that shit does to your body? OMG!!…lately it has been giving me some of the worst gas you could imagine. I can’t even stand to be around myself sometimes. Sorry, babe, but the effects will probably continue to linger (pun intended) for days!

I’m ready… for a good HOME COOKED meal! It has been MONTHS since I had one, and I cannot wait!

I’m ready… to prove to myself that I will not fail! That this move is the first step to a wonderful new life with my wife and children. WE are ALL that we have now. Together we will make it, I have no doubt.

I’m ready… to put the past behind me; all my failures and mishaps. To only look forward to the good things life will bring us.

I’m ready… to have my family with me again! Nine months is a long time to be without them. As I have said before, I do not EVER plan on being without them again!

I’m just…READY!

I know that life is not going to be any easier. Life never is. But, with a loving family around, it does help to make it that much more manageable.

Friday is the day that I fly back to Michigan to be with my family. That weekend I am planning to spend time with family and friends, one LAST time. Then it will be a couple days of non-stop packing and getting ready for the LONG drive down. But, you know what?…That’s right!…I’M READY!

I am going to face my fears, now that I have them all written out, and take them head-on, one-by-one, until they are no longer able to bother me anymore. I am going to love my wife and children like they have never been loved by me before. This is a new life, a new beginning, a place to start over, for me and my family. I plan to leave the past behind me on Wednesday morning when we cross the Michigan state line. Who know’s, I may just decide to NEVER look back. It’s not a bad thing, to me, it’s a good thing! And, I’m ready!

To all my nay-sayers, the one’s that have doubted me in the past, and still doubt me today. To the one’s that said that my wife and I would not last, and believe that we will not make it after we make this move. You don’t have to tell me your doubts with words, I know what you are thinking. That is why I dedicated this paragraph just to you (granted, most of you that doubt me and my wife are not bright enough to actually read, but that’s beside the point). Anyways, to you, here is me virtually flipping you off. Put that in your pipe and choke on it. Why?….because I’m ready!

OK, I agree, that last paragraph really might not have been right, but it still needed to be said by me. It is words that I have been wanting to say for years, but, because it is in writing, I did tone it down. 🙂

It is time to turn the page. To finish my transformation into the new me! And now, I AM READY!!!

Only two more days, babe! 😀 I’m ready, are you?

Until next time, my friends…

A Little Scared…

…Continued from yesterday’s post.

One might question what I have to be scared of? I will tell you, there is a lot for me to be.

I am scared… that I am making the wrong decision. I have been told that making a decision like this, to better my family, can never be considered “the wrong decision.” I know that this is true, but it is still a concern of mine.

I am scared… that my family will be miserable once they have been here for a while. I know that for the first little bit they will be fine. Mainly because it is all new, and because we have been apart for so long, but what about when all the “new” wears off?

I am scared… about the school’s my daughters will be attending. Education is something that I take seriously, and a good, solid education is all that I ask for my daughters. Will it be better than where they were attending? (Pretty much, anything should be better than that school!) Or, will it be worse? Will it set them up on a successful path to a higher education? Or, will they be, forever, set on a path of destruction?

I am scared… that my wife will be unable to find employment. Not that she actually NEEDS to work, but, like me, she did not earn her degree to sit around the house. Granted, the economy, as a whole, plays a part in her finding gainful employment. And, the fact that she has been unemployed the past nine months, or so, does not help. But, she was only because of the upcoming move. Will that really play a part in her finding work? God, I hope not!

I am scared… that something will happen and we will lose our house. Since buying my home, back in Michigan, five years ago, I have not really had to worry about losing the place that I called home. I knew, as long as I paid the mortgage, that I would have my house. Now I have to rely on a landlord paying their mortgage, once I pay my rent, in order for me to keep a roof over my family’s heads.

I am scared… that I will fail. That somehow, someway, I will fuck everything up again! That something I do wrong, will put us out on the streets, with no where to go and no one to turn to for help. My family and friends will still be back in Michigan, 800 miles away!

You all might be thinking that these are normal things to be scared about. Some of you might even think that they are nothing to even be remotely worried about. But, these are the things that have been weighing heavily on my mind the past couple months.

No, I have not discussed these fear and worries with my wife. Although she will be reading them now (love ya, babe 😉), but she has had enough shit to deal with on her own; with getting things ready for the move, dealing with the children (that, in itself, in my opinion, deserves her the “Mom of the Year” award for dealing with them). I did not feel it would be right to add the stress I feel that I have on my shoulders to hers. We will have enough time, over the next few years, to deal with it all together. But, for now, I will deal with these worries myself!

Anyways, many of you are right, I shouldn’t be too worried about all these things. That, by the grace of God, everything will be alright. I agree, don’t get me wrong. I have always believed that God will take care of me when I need him the most. But,… BUT!… for these last nine months, in the back of my head, I always knew that IF something happened, IF I screwed up and lost everything down here, I could just head back up to Michigan, be with my family, and life would go on.

In my mind, come next week when the truck is all packed, that option is gone! We will then be on our own, with nothing to fall back on! Yes, my parents have said that if shit happens, and we needed to, we can always come live with them for a little while. But, I am NOT going to let that happen…AGAIN!

So, yes, I do have a lot to be worried about, a lot to be scared of…But, then again, I am ready…

To be continued…

Until next time, my friends…

Reflecting back…

As the days draw closer to being back with my family, I am going to take a few minutes to reflect back on these past nine months of being away from them.

Nine months ago, almost to the day, I made the all-night trip from Muskegon, MI to Asheville, NC. Driving alone, in a fully packed Toyota Sienna mini-van (yes folks, we are the mini-van type family) with the bare essentials for living away from my family; a twin size bed, a recliner, two televisions (had to have one for the living room and one for the bed room), a card table to eat at, clothes, and basic household necessities.

I had no idea what was in store for me. Not only was this going to be the first time that I was without my family, for an extended period of time, but it was officially the first time I was going to live on my own!

My first weekend was the worst. I got here on a Friday (in the midst of a gas shortage and the van about to run out of gas, mind you), and I did not have to be to work until that following Monday. Talk about a weekend of emotions! I told my Mom, when I was talking to her after arriving at my new apartment, that I just wanted to go back home! Then, later that day when I talked to my wife, the emotions ran high again. It was just one day, so far, but I was already missing my family, and knew that I still had the better part of a year before I would be back with them.

I tried to put my mind at ease, but everything was new. A new city, new sights, new sounds, a new quiet! I figured that I would be able to take comfort in something a little familiar, a football game on Sunday (granted, it wasn’t the Lions, but it was still football). Then, I ruined myself for probably the rest of the time I have been here; I made myself a big meal, for one, to eat while watching the football game. I know that it may not sound like much, but have you ever tried to eat a big meal, for the first time, by yourself, when all that you can think of is how much more you would enjoy it with having the rest of your family with you, sitting around the dinner table? No? Take a few minutes and imagine how you might! No, it really is not pleasant, and it is very emotional. And it has been pretty much nothing but processed food (t.v. dinners), frozen pizza, sandwiches, and fast food ever since.

Enough about that first weekend! The emotions are beginning to take over again just thinking about it.

So, to fight off the lonely, I did the only thing that I was able to do. I worked. At that time we were working six days a week, and to make it better for me, I was able to work 12 hour days during that time too. Not a whole lot of time to sit and think! On top of it all, I had school work to tend to, which was a bonus for helping to keep my mind off my family.

Other than the first weekend, and the first month actually, there really is not much to reflect back on. As I said, I have been down here for nine months and I have been out, other than to go to the store or work, probably a total of six or seven times. Three times, I believe, was to a bar, two times to a baseball game, and once to a high school football game on Halloween night. I have not lead a very exciting life since being here. But, the good thing, at least my wife did not have to worry about me NOT being good! 🙂

Just to make it clear to everyone, I have not been down here the ENTIRE time without seeing my family. It started out that I seen my family about once a month. The first time we met in Cincinnati at the end of October. My wife and I figured that would be the easiest way to do it since we needed to swap vehicles anyway (I had her van and she had my car). Then, I went back up for Thanksgiving and Christmas. My wife and kids came down for New Years. I surprised them all, at the end of February, when I flew up for the weekend to visit. And they came down to visit at the beginning of April. So, no, it hasn’t been the entire nine months without seeing them, but sometimes it feels like it.

Well, the day is near that I will be back with my family again (four more days, to be exact). And soon, this will all be a distant memory. But, for now, I’m a little scared!

To be continued…

Until next time my friends…

Saturday Snippets

Don’t you just love it when you wake up and your mind plays tricks on you first thing?

Last night I was up until about 4am, doing things around the house, preparing for the family to move down. This morning when I woke up, at about 10:30am, my mind decided to play it’s usual games with me.

At first I thought that I was late for something (you know how that goes…oh shit! I’m late!). But, of course, I couldn’t think about what I was late for. Then, before I could tell myself that I wasn’t late, my mind then proceeds to tell me that it is 10:30pm. So now I’m like, “great, an entire day gone!

Obviously I was able to correct my brain and tell it that it is still only Saturday morning. But, I do have to tell my brain one last thing: “F**k You, brain! Quit screwing with me every weekend, it is getting OLD!”


In other news:

Only 6 more days until I am back with my family again! 😀 I cannot wait! It has been too damn long since I have been with them. Granted, they were down at the beginning of April, but visits are not enough! I have to remind myself to NEVERmove without them again! 9 months is too damn long to be without the ones I love. 😦


Wanted to share with you all some more of my Wifey’s Textual Feelings (these ones are mainly all jokes she has texted me):

Summers Eve has a new douche, made of marijuana, deodorant & Kentucky fried chicken. It leaves women high, dry & finger licken good!! LOL


Best engine ever made was the pussy. It takes any size piston, self lubricates, starts with one finger & does its own oil change once a month!!


Vodka-19.99. Motel-54.99. Condoms-2.99.
Finding out she swallows & loves it in the ass!
Fuck Mastercard!
It Pays to DISCOVER!


Teacher asked Timmy, why is ur cat in school 2day? Timmy says(crying)I heard daddy tell mommy I’m eating that pussy when the kids leave!!


There is a report of a naked drunk wearing snow boots and riding a Big Wheel along the highway.  Where the fuck are you going?


Only in Michigan would someone think to make a shirt like this:


That’s right, folks. It’s the OFFICIALM.A.R.V.I.N employees work-shirt. From what I hear, all employees are reqired to wear this shirt as part of their daily uniform (OK, OK, I made that up…but it sounds about right, doesn’t it?). For those of you that don’t know what MARVIN is, it is Michigan’s unemployment agency network. MARVIN stands for: Michigan’s Automated Response Voice Interactive Network.

Since the “Big 3” are struggling, and the UAW is losing members, I wonder if they might be interested in organizing a union for the fastest growing, and largest, pool of individuals throughout the nation? Just think about all the benefits that they could fight for? And, they wouldn’t even have to change their letters; it could still be the U.A.W – U Ain’t Working! I think their slogan could go a little something like this: “Uniting all the laid-off, unemployed workers of America, working to make America a better place.” No? Not a good Idea? Well, OK, I tried! 😉


Oh, by the way, don’t forget that tomorrow is Father’s Day! Make sure to give your Dad a hug and tell him you love him. Or, if you are in the situation like me where you don’t live close enough to your Dad, make sure you give him a call!

I might, or might not, have a Special Sunday posting coming in celebration of Father’s Day (I know that it’s not noticeable yet, but Sunday’s is going to be my day off from postings, unless there is a special occasion :)).

Until next time, my friends,and have a great weekend…