R.I.P Grandma Treacy

At 6:55pm, July 20th, 2009, my Grandmother, Marjorie B. Treacy passed on and met her maker. Although I am sad that she had to leave us, I am glad that she is no longer suffering. I am glad that she is able to reunite with my Grandfather, who passed nearly 25 years ago, and that they will be able to spend the rest of eternity together.

Now she is able to go on and sit with my Grandfather and watch over us all together, smiling, enjoying seeing their Great-Grandchildren grow. Although she will no longer be able to enjoy it in the physical sense, together they will enjoy it spiritually.

All I have now are the memories, good and bad. Of course, the good outweigh the bad, so the good memories are what I will hold on to. I will miss her infamous meatloaf (which she made, at the request of my sisters, for every family gathering). I will miss the way that she just smiled when we were all together, just watching us all being together. And, ultimately, I will miss her!

g-ma T2
Grandma Treacy in front of my Uncle Randy and Aunt Marsha’s “Wizard of Oz” hot air balloon.

All that is left to do is pray that my Grandma will rest in peace, and that her and Grandpa are already with each other.

I love you Grandma Treacy…May you Rest In Peace!



Today is my Parents anniversary. Do I actually remember how many years they have been married? No! I know, what a shame. I believe it has been either 34 or 35 years. To them, I want to wish them a Happy Anniversary. At least, as happy of one as could be had considering the circumstances.

As I mentioned in my last post, my Grandmother is down to her last days. Last Thursday morning she had a catastrophic stroke and fell down a flight of stairs. Thankfully, my cousin was there to call the paramedics and administer CPR, otherwise I am sure that she would have already left us.

From what all I have been told, and what all I have read on my cousin’s FB page, this past weekend was like night and day with my Grandma. On Saturday she was doing really well. She was looking at everyone, smiling, and laughing. But then Sunday came around and she was completely unresponsive.

Although I have been told not to worry about it, I can’t help but to feel bad for not being able to be there. But since I live in NC and the rest of my family is up in MI, I have no choice but to wait. Unfortunately, I only have two days that I will be able to get paid (since I had to use all my vacation time to move my family down here with me). One day will be 8 hours of sick time, and the other day will be the one day allowed for bereavement.

Yep, that’s right, only ONE day bereavement pay for a grandparent. But, if it was a parent-in-law I would get three! As if I really care THAT MUCH about my damn parent-in-law! Hell, in that situation I would probably work for free just to have a reason to miss the funeral.

I want to be there with my family. I want to be there for my Mother, who is losing her Mother. I want to be there for my Sisters and Cousins, my Aunts and Uncles. But, most importantly, I want to be there for my Grandmother. I want to tell her how much I love her, how much I will miss her, and how sorry I am for being such an ass for not sending thank-you notes all the times she sent me things for my birthday.

But, I can’t be there. So, instead, I have to sit here and wait! I honestly, seriously, sit and wait by my phone all day and all night for that call. Not that I want to get the call, I dread knowing that the phone will EVENTUALLY ring.

I thought that call was coming last night. All day long my phone did not ring, that was until I was getting ready to go to bed. And that was when my Mom decided to call me with an update. Talk about having your heart drop to your feet! I was afraid to answer the phone! I thought for sure that all I would hear was that eerie silence and sobbing on the other end.

Thankfully, that wasn’t the call. BUT, I know that it is coming. I don’t know when, and I don’t know where I will be when it comes, but I DO know that it will come, and soon. And, unfortunately, all that I can do is wait…

Getting Back in the Swing of Things

Why is it so hard to get back into the swing of things after a vacation? I mean, really? We do the same thing day in and day out throughout the year, then we take a vacation and EVERYTHING tends to get fucked up!

For those of you that do not know, I work third shift. Because I was on a “first shift” schedule for the past week my sleep schedule decided to go awry. Yesterday I went to bed around 7:45am, woke up at 10:15am and again at 12:15pm (for good this time, mind you!). UGH!!!…

Today, as if you can’t tell by looking at the time of this posting, probably will not be much different. But, I know that I will eventually get back into the swing of things.

Speaking of “getting back into the swing of things.” For those of you that might be wondering, being back with the family is great! I am loving it like a fat kid love chocolate! 😀 Now, if only I can get the wife to quit moving things from where I had them before she got here!…lol 😉

Yes, the “To-Do/Honey-Do” list is in full effect. Trust me, I will be doing little projects around the house for a LONG, LONG time. But, you know what? I would rather have that problem than be without the wife and kids any day of the week! 🙂 (I guess it just took 9 months of being by myself to realize that, stupid me!)

I want to thank all of you that offered support in replies to my postings of fears, moving, and finally getting back with my family. It proves that even strangers (even though I consider you all friends, but strangers cause, for the most part I have not met most of you in person) can touch our lives in a positive way when we need it the most.

Well, I hope that everyone has a wonderful Tuesday. We are one day away from hump-day, and one day closer to the weekend. Hope everyone’s day is filled with sunshine, even if it is a gloomy day wherever you are. 🙂 As for me, every day is filled with sunshine now! Now, if only I can get some good sleep, too!

Until next time, my friends…

Saying Goodbye!

First things first. I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July. Everyone that partied hard, I hope that you were all safe, and are all recovering well. For those of you that did not party hard, I hope that you all had an exciting and enjoyable day yesterday.

On to the story…

As you all know I moved my family down to Asheville to be with me this past week. All things considered, everything went very well. Packing and loading the moving truck was a little frustrating at times, tempers flared (especially with the children, and the wife dealing with the children), but everything got loaded and unloaded without anyone getting killed – now that is a good thing! 😉

Last Tuesday was our last night in Muskegon, and let me tell you, it was an emotional one. Before we headed out to my parents house for the night, we made a stop by my wife’s Niece’s house – mainly so that she could cut my hair one last time – and to say our goodbye’s. This stop was really emotional for my wife, kids, and her niece since they have been really close for the past couple, few years now. I really hope that she is able to find someone that she can count on to help her out with her son, the way that my wife was able to be there for her.

After the long goodbye, and the tears falling and soaking the shirts, we get in the car for one last, and little less emotional, stop off to my friends house. I had to make sure that I stopped off to see him since I had a little piece of our history that I wanted to leave with him (not gonna go into what it is since we could both get in trouble for it…lol). Since I was already emotional from the previous stop, I could not contain my emotions when I gave my friend a hug to say goodbye. Even though we have not been able to hang out much over the past few years, we knew that we were still there for each other, no matter what!

Tuesday was a very, very emotional day for the family. We were saying goodbye not only to our friends and family, we were saying goodbye to our first real family home. The one that we worked so hard to purchase, and the life that we worked so hard to have. Allbeit, it was not the best home to live in, it was still our HOME for the past five years.

Wednesday was travel day. The day that we said goodbye to the State of Michigan. The first day of a new beginning, the start of a new life, and the day that all that troubled us in the past was virtually, to me, left behind. It was the day for the clean slate, the day we hit the restart button, the day we finally got our “do over.”

The trip itself wasn’t too bad. We couldn’t have really asked for better weather. I rained a little here and there, but for the most part, it was a good day for travel. It took us about 17 1/2 hours to get from Muskegon to Asheville, but we were only doing about 65 mph the whole way (I was driving a 26 ft U-Haul truck. Wasn’t trying to drive too fast…lol), and we were stuck in a traffic jam for about 1 1/2 hours in Cincinnati cause a truck hauling paint busted open. Other than that, it was a good trip.

The past couple days were pretty good. Sun was shining (which made unpacking that much easier!), and it wasn’t too hot out during the day. We were able to unload the entire truck in about 5-6 hours and return that beast to the local U-Haul station (thank God! Since the damn thing was too big to fit in my driveway, and was taking up too much room in the turn-around on our street!). Of course, we still have boxes to unpack. But, the big and important things are unpacked and available for use.

Today was the most emotional day for me by far. Today was the day that I said goodbye to my parents. They came down with us so, thankfully, we had someone to help us with the move on this end. But, this morning we had to say goodbye. As my wife and I were watching them drive away, all I could think and say to myself (I did not dare to say it out loud) was “Now, we are officially on our own!” Even though I did not have the best relationship with my parents, I always knew that I could count on them for anything that I might need. But now, they will only be able to help from afar.

Although my wife and daughters are here with me now, knowing that we are alone and on our own, no family to help in that time of need, scares the shit out of me! Eventually the fear and emotions will subside. The tears will dry. And the overall comfort will set in. But, until then, I can honestly say that I will miss the hell out of the loved ones I had to leave behind.

Sorry this is such a long post today, but I had to get it all out. Thank you, my friends, for being here to virtually listen to me. It does mean a lot. 🙂

Until next time, my friends…

To Daddy…From Your Daughter

The following is an email that I received from my youngest daughter last week. I usually wouldn’t share it, but because she is 11, and how it is written, I wanted to share it with you all. I think it is funny how she believes that I “left” them, but at the same time it makes me sad! Also, when I received this letter and read it, I was at work! Talk about trying to control some emotions at work…I had a heck of a time holding them back!

Anyways…here it is (I have edited some things so that you all understand who everyone is):


I don’t know where to start. The retarded computer erased my last message.
I have to start out by saying I love u and I miss u and I want u to come back home.
You have always been here for us and have been a great dad.
Naddie (This is my Boxer/Lab mix, she is one of a kind, I really miss her goofy characteristics)-
You have always been there for Naddie and have been a good dad to here. U guys act just alike when u are around her. She is so happy with u around. And it seems without u she is so lonely and board. U make her day. And without u it seems she not her self. And I think the other day she was trying to prove to us that she could stay off a leash. I think she knows that Ur away and that where moving. U where so good with her and nice to her. U taught many of things to her. And she has changed a lot. She has grown up. But I thin she didn’t want to without u. you have been the best dad to her. CONTINUED…
Me (This is my youngest daughter, the author of  this letter, she is 11)-
You have been a great dad. You don’t know how much I love and miss you. And if I have to wait longer than July 1st, I bet I would dye. I cannot wait any longer because I have been waiting for the past 9 months just to be a family again. I can’t say as much stuff as I did because I accidentally deleted it. I have to many things to say. Ever sense u left the driveway September 25 I v been wanting to be with u.  You are my role model. When Ur gone u will be on my mind 24/7. Just how u are now. You may call me a crybaby but I am only crying because of u. when u left u changed my whole life. Well in a bad and good way. It has not been the same here without u. I wish u have never left. Well I do because now we have money. If u did not move, we would probably be in grandma’s front yard in a tent. That would not be fun. And I hope I don’t make u feel bad about leaving us. It was a good decision. I hope we can become a family as happy as we were again. And when we all meet up in heaven, I hope we can be a family again. I love you. And want u to be home as soon as possible. CONTINUED…
Mom (This is my wife, as if you would need that to be explained)-
You have been a great husband to my mom. She has had a lot of stress ever sense you left but I don’t want to put the blame on u. she loves u like poop. She cannot wait to move but at the same time, she is scared. She talks to u daily because she loves u. You do not know how much she loves you. You have been a good husband to her and you guys have had Ur difficulties but sense you are married it is all worth it. She loves you and she wants you to come home as soon as possible.
Gabriela (This is my middle child, she is 12, and a TRUE pre-teen)-
She misses you and wants you to come back home. And she loves you.
Samantha (This is my oldest, she is 13, life with a teenager is FUN…can you sense the sarcasim?)-
Does not want to leave. She misses you and wants you to come home. She loves you.\
Honi (This is my wifes Chihuahua, she is a little shit…lol)-
Every once in a wile she wonders where u are. She loves you. And misses u and want to sit on Ur lap again


And here is an email that I got from her the other day:


Daddy come home
we miss your hugs
We miss your kisses
we needs you to hold us like before
If only you could hear us daddy
what would you say?
when I ask the same question each and everyday
Mommy when is daddy coming home, will it be soon?
Whenever is fine, gee I hope he’s in a good mood
Every time I say that, each time everyday
My daddy feels like he’s falling further and further away
my mom tells me the news I must have to know
As I stand outside waiting for you to come back home.
Why did you leave us daddy why did you have to go?
Now that you left us daddy, our house
seem different
Now that you left us daddy, the days are getting long.
Now that you left us daddy, mommy is being sad and lonley
I hate seeing mommy like this
Please come home soon
Your 4 girls miss you like crazy.

Saturday Snippets – II

Got a short little “Saturday Snippets” for you today.

First…I must say RIP to Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. Two people that have been in the public eye for so many years. You both will be missed by many!


Today is my family’s party day. This afternoon we are having our gathering with family and friends to say goodbye. I forsee that we will have an emotional afternoon, depending on who all actually show up.

After the few hours with the family and friends, I am hoping to talk my wife into one last night out at the bar. It might work, but, you know, who knows what she might be thinking?

So, if you are in the Muskegon area, and want to hang out, keep you eyes peeled for updates from me on twitter and facebook as to where I might be! You can find me on those sites by following the links under “Where You Can Find Me” on the side of my page. *over there…yeah, right there*

So, honestly, if you want to hang out, just come find me! 🙂


Wanted to share with you all some more of my Wifey’s Textual Feelings (these ones are mainly all jokes she has texted me). As long as she keeps texting them to me, I will continue to share them with you! 😉


Beer $10..Bag of weed $20..Condoms $2.75..Finding out she swallows & has no gag reflex…Priceless!. Fuck mastercard,it pays 2 discover!


What did the easter egg say to the boiling water? Its gonna take awhile to get me hard, I just got laid by some chick. LOL Happy Easter! (yes…it was a joke sent to me around Easter)


Somebody snitched on us! The cops are lookin for a sexy mother fucker and a retard. They have me so grab ur helmet n run little buddy!


Here is one that is better suited for the wintertime…but, oh-well…lol (NSFW)

I hate 2 wake up in the morning & find fuckking snow on my car

fucking snow


Hope you all have enjoyed this week’s edition of “Saturday Snippets.” While you are all here, why don’t you take the time to check out some of the other bloggers that I follow in the blogosphere! They are all awesome…and, I guarantee, some of them will have you laughing so hard that ite will hurt! Or, they might make you throw up…either way, they are the best. 😉

Have a wonderful weekend, y’all!

Until next time, my friends…

I’m Ready…

…Continued from yesterday’s post. The final posting of the three-part series.

That’s right folks, I am ready!

I gave you all a quick reflection, and I told you all my fears. But, now, I am here to tell you all that I am ready to continue on this journey we call life with my family by my side.

I’m ready… to quit eating processed food. I mean, do you know what that shit does to your body? OMG!!…lately it has been giving me some of the worst gas you could imagine. I can’t even stand to be around myself sometimes. Sorry, babe, but the effects will probably continue to linger (pun intended) for days!

I’m ready… for a good HOME COOKED meal! It has been MONTHS since I had one, and I cannot wait!

I’m ready… to prove to myself that I will not fail! That this move is the first step to a wonderful new life with my wife and children. WE are ALL that we have now. Together we will make it, I have no doubt.

I’m ready… to put the past behind me; all my failures and mishaps. To only look forward to the good things life will bring us.

I’m ready… to have my family with me again! Nine months is a long time to be without them. As I have said before, I do not EVER plan on being without them again!

I’m just…READY!

I know that life is not going to be any easier. Life never is. But, with a loving family around, it does help to make it that much more manageable.

Friday is the day that I fly back to Michigan to be with my family. That weekend I am planning to spend time with family and friends, one LAST time. Then it will be a couple days of non-stop packing and getting ready for the LONG drive down. But, you know what?…That’s right!…I’M READY!

I am going to face my fears, now that I have them all written out, and take them head-on, one-by-one, until they are no longer able to bother me anymore. I am going to love my wife and children like they have never been loved by me before. This is a new life, a new beginning, a place to start over, for me and my family. I plan to leave the past behind me on Wednesday morning when we cross the Michigan state line. Who know’s, I may just decide to NEVER look back. It’s not a bad thing, to me, it’s a good thing! And, I’m ready!

To all my nay-sayers, the one’s that have doubted me in the past, and still doubt me today. To the one’s that said that my wife and I would not last, and believe that we will not make it after we make this move. You don’t have to tell me your doubts with words, I know what you are thinking. That is why I dedicated this paragraph just to you (granted, most of you that doubt me and my wife are not bright enough to actually read, but that’s beside the point). Anyways, to you, here is me virtually flipping you off. Put that in your pipe and choke on it. Why?….because I’m ready!

OK, I agree, that last paragraph really might not have been right, but it still needed to be said by me. It is words that I have been wanting to say for years, but, because it is in writing, I did tone it down. 🙂

It is time to turn the page. To finish my transformation into the new me! And now, I AM READY!!!

Only two more days, babe! 😀 I’m ready, are you?

Until next time, my friends…