To Daddy…From Your Daughter

The following is an email that I received from my youngest daughter last week. I usually wouldn’t share it, but because she is 11, and how it is written, I wanted to share it with you all. I think it is funny how she believes that I “left” them, but at the same time it makes me sad! Also, when I received this letter and read it, I was at work! Talk about trying to control some emotions at work…I had a heck of a time holding them back!

Anyways…here it is (I have edited some things so that you all understand who everyone is):


I don’t know where to start. The retarded computer erased my last message.
I have to start out by saying I love u and I miss u and I want u to come back home.
You have always been here for us and have been a great dad.
Naddie (This is my Boxer/Lab mix, she is one of a kind, I really miss her goofy characteristics)-
You have always been there for Naddie and have been a good dad to here. U guys act just alike when u are around her. She is so happy with u around. And it seems without u she is so lonely and board. U make her day. And without u it seems she not her self. And I think the other day she was trying to prove to us that she could stay off a leash. I think she knows that Ur away and that where moving. U where so good with her and nice to her. U taught many of things to her. And she has changed a lot. She has grown up. But I thin she didn’t want to without u. you have been the best dad to her. CONTINUED…
Me (This is my youngest daughter, the author of  this letter, she is 11)-
You have been a great dad. You don’t know how much I love and miss you. And if I have to wait longer than July 1st, I bet I would dye. I cannot wait any longer because I have been waiting for the past 9 months just to be a family again. I can’t say as much stuff as I did because I accidentally deleted it. I have to many things to say. Ever sense u left the driveway September 25 I v been wanting to be with u.  You are my role model. When Ur gone u will be on my mind 24/7. Just how u are now. You may call me a crybaby but I am only crying because of u. when u left u changed my whole life. Well in a bad and good way. It has not been the same here without u. I wish u have never left. Well I do because now we have money. If u did not move, we would probably be in grandma’s front yard in a tent. That would not be fun. And I hope I don’t make u feel bad about leaving us. It was a good decision. I hope we can become a family as happy as we were again. And when we all meet up in heaven, I hope we can be a family again. I love you. And want u to be home as soon as possible. CONTINUED…
Mom (This is my wife, as if you would need that to be explained)-
You have been a great husband to my mom. She has had a lot of stress ever sense you left but I don’t want to put the blame on u. she loves u like poop. She cannot wait to move but at the same time, she is scared. She talks to u daily because she loves u. You do not know how much she loves you. You have been a good husband to her and you guys have had Ur difficulties but sense you are married it is all worth it. She loves you and she wants you to come home as soon as possible.
Gabriela (This is my middle child, she is 12, and a TRUE pre-teen)-
She misses you and wants you to come back home. And she loves you.
Samantha (This is my oldest, she is 13, life with a teenager is FUN…can you sense the sarcasim?)-
Does not want to leave. She misses you and wants you to come home. She loves you.\
Honi (This is my wifes Chihuahua, she is a little shit…lol)-
Every once in a wile she wonders where u are. She loves you. And misses u and want to sit on Ur lap again


And here is an email that I got from her the other day:


Daddy come home
we miss your hugs
We miss your kisses
we needs you to hold us like before
If only you could hear us daddy
what would you say?
when I ask the same question each and everyday
Mommy when is daddy coming home, will it be soon?
Whenever is fine, gee I hope he’s in a good mood
Every time I say that, each time everyday
My daddy feels like he’s falling further and further away
my mom tells me the news I must have to know
As I stand outside waiting for you to come back home.
Why did you leave us daddy why did you have to go?
Now that you left us daddy, our house
seem different
Now that you left us daddy, the days are getting long.
Now that you left us daddy, mommy is being sad and lonley
I hate seeing mommy like this
Please come home soon
Your 4 girls miss you like crazy.

Sunday Special: Happy Father’s Day!

 happy fathers day

I want to wish all you Dad’s out there a Happy Father’s Day. If it wasn’t for you, me, us, life as we know it would not be the same (I guess because none of us would be here, eh?). Anyway, today is OUR day! But, let’s not just make it about US. If you are able, and your family is around, make it about them. Without them, there would be no reason to celebrate today!  


This is the first time in 33 years (OK, 32 years and 358 days, but we’ll just say 33 anyways 😉) that, as a son, I have not been around to celebrate Father’s Day with my Dad. And, the first time in 13 years, as a Dad, that I have not been with my children to celebrate the day.

It is a little emotional for me, but I will manage. I miss the day’s of bowling in the Father’s Day tournament with my daughters, and, as of recent years, going out golfing with my Dad. The bowling could resume in years to come, but the day’s of golfing more than likely will not.


Much like my Dad, I may not have been the best Dad in the World. But, at least I was a Dad, and so was he.

Here is my rant on Father’s Day:

There are many men out there that become Father’s. And that is ALL they are; sperm donors, dead beats, a worthless piece of s**t! Those are the “Men” that make the rest of us look bad, they give us a bad name until we “prove” ourselves otherwise. But yet, these “men” still think they deserve to celebrate Father’s Day! I am here to tell all of you so called “MEN” out there, just because you FATHERED a child, it does not make you a DAD!

A Dad is someone who is there for the child, from birth until they are able to be on their own. No, I am not saying that they have to be in the same house. I know that there are many families with split living situation, for whatever reason. But, the Dad still has to be there for his children, period!

Any male can Father a child, but it takes a real man to be a Dad.

End rant! 🙂

portrait of a dad

For the rest of you/us Dad’s out there, Thank You for being who you are! It is because of you/us that makes this day even more special.

As I end this special Father’s Day post, even though he probably will not see it, I found this poem on this site that sums up what I would like to say to my Dad. And I would also like to dedicate it to all the other Dad’s out there celebrating today:


God chose you for

A very special task

Because you are strong & caring

Possessing a love that lasts


To you He gave a special child

A boy, just a lad

Someone you can love & guide

Someone to call you Dad


A child in need of guidance

Entered your heart one day

You give hope, strength, & courage

As you lead along life’s way


The wisdom that you provide

Will influence him, you see

It was all part of God’s plan

When He made you a Family


Once again, thank you Dad’s for being their for your children. For doing your best to guide them in the right direction as they grow up. We, as Dad’s, are not perfect, and our children will never be perfect either. But, as long as we all do our best, then we will succeed.