F-Word Friday: Football

F-Word Friday

F-Word Friday is a theme that I am stealing/borrowing from fellow blogger and friend Ms.Darkstar. It is a day to take a random word, that begins with F (of course), and express your thoughts accordingly.


This week’s F-Word is Football.

Hello Ladies and Gents, today is all about football. It tis the sport that I love. Although I really did not play when I was younger – just a couple stints in Jr. High and for half a season in High School. To me, there is no sport better than football. Seeing the boys/men killing each other on the field is a wonderful sight.

This posting is brought about because tonight starts the High School football season here. Although the teams are different than who I am used to rooting for, I am still pumped! No longer am I going to be an avid Orchard View Cardinal, or Muskegon Big Red (as if I have been a Big Red fan that much lately….pshh!) fan. Now it is all about the A.C. Reynolds Rockets!

From what I seen of them last year, they have a large student body, but a small team. Nothing like what I am used to from the schools back in Michigan. Heck, the student body here is bigger than what Muskegon High ever was and the team (from what the fielded last year) had less players than Orchard View fielded.

Muskegon Big Reds 2007 Football Team (via blog.mlive.com)

Muskegon Big Reds 2007 Football Team (via blog.mlive.com)

Just to let you all know what I am talking about that are not from my home town. Muskegon has a student body of approximately 1200 and Orchard View is approximately 800-900. Muskegon fields a team of approximately 60-65 players, and OV fields approximately 40-45. A.C. Reynolds student body is approximately 1300 students, and they field a team (from what I seen last season, it could be more this year) of approximately 45-50 players.

Orchard View Cardinals 2007 Football Team (via blog.mlive.com)

Orchard View Cardinals 2007 Football Team (via blog.mlive.com)

OK, now that I have explained that, and I hope that I did explain it well, I am not saying that I no longer care about Muskegon or OV, I really do hope they do well in their respective Divisions and Conferences, and I hope that they both win State this year. But, I have a whole new school and team to follow.

I am a little excited for the high school season to begin. I already have some Reynolds Rockets gear (still need to buy a hat yet, probably tonight). I am more excited than my daughters are, of course. But, hopefully they will come around. One other good thing, the Rockets seem to be a powerhouse team from WNC! They have won a couple State Titles in 4-A, and they went really deep into the playoffs last season, losing a close game in the semi-finals (I believe).

The only bad thing will be if it actually rains tonight like is being predicted. They are calling for scattered storms tonight. And trust me, lately, when it rains, it pours around here. I am not sure if I want to get that wet for a game (not like I haven’t before, but still!).

Anywho…good luck to all teams that are beginning their seasons. I wish them all the best of luck. That is, of course, unless they are playing against the A.C. Reynolds Rockets, Orchard View Cardinals, or Muskegon Big Reds!

           A.C. Reynolds Rockets     Orchard View CardinalsMuskegon Big Reds

In other news…

Along with High School football comes the NFL. And, yes folks, I am still a DIE-HARDDetroit Lions fan. Hey, they at least won their first pre-season game! (So, don’t hate! 😉)

Alright, I know that they were also the only team to will all their pre-season games last year just to lose all their regular season games and go down in history to be the only team in the NFL to lose 16 games in a season.

But hey, they are still my team and I will not trade them for any other. Not even the Panthers that are right here in NC! And now that the wife has a job, I may just splurge a little bit and get DirecTv just so that I can get the NFL Sunday Ticket in order to watch my Lions on Sunday’s.

Until next time, my friends…

F-Word Friday

F-Word Friday

F-Word Friday is a theme that I am stealing/borrowing from fellow blogger and friend Ms.Darkstar. It is a day to take a random word, that begins with F (of course), and express your thoughts accordingly.


This week’s F-Word is Fragile.

I can’t believe that it has really been a week since I last posted. To those few that actually read what I write, I’m sorry for leaving you hanging. For the rest of you, well, at least you haven’t missed much. This past week has been very busy, and has ended by putting me up against the ropes.

As you have seen, this week’s F-Word is fragile. As in, life is fragile, handle with care.

As I said, this week has been one hell of a week. Started off where I had to work two nights for 12 hours (Monday and Tuesday nights), and found out on Monday night/Tuesday morning that I had training sessions – for four hours each day – on Wednesday and Thursday from 11a-3p (thank goodness they only lasted until 2p). So, as you can probably expect, I am extremely tired today, now that the weekend is here for me.

No, that is not what I am talking about when I say that life is fragile.

Wednesday night/Thursday morning (well, all day actually) was a day of life-changing events. Not only for myself, but for others around me.

I witnessed two people being escorted out of the company I work for. Definitely NOT something that I was really wanting to even think about. Especially considering the fact that I just moved my family here a couple weeks ago! And then, I get called into the office!…

As you can probably imagine, my heart almost stopped. I felt like I was going to get sick. I feared what I was going to tell my wife and kids. Until the General Manager of the company offered me a position on first shift! THAT made up for all the fears I was having (and the wife is pretty happy about it too :)).

Then, I get home from my afternoon meeting (mind you, I work 3rd shift, so it is a “middle of the night” meeting for me) to find out that my Grandma was in the hospital, in ICU, and on a respirator, back in Michigan! The wife tells me that my Mom wanted me to call her back. Being the type of person I am, I tell my wife that I will wait until today to call her. Ya-know, kinda let the emotions settle down.

That was until I seen a posting by my cousin on FB that they took my Grandma off the respirator, replied to her posting and got a reply back telling me to call my Mom cause she has been trying to get a hold of me, and seeing that she had called from three different phones. While talking to Mom, found out that Grandma will never recover! Or, if by some miracle she does, she will NEVER be the Grandma we all knew.

 And now, the waiting begins… waiting for that dreaded phone call. I Love You Grandma T.

g-ma T

So, yes, my friends, life is fragile, handle it with care.