Asheville Citizen-Times 5k

I decided to run the ACT 5k last Saturday even though I was not ready for it (had not had much time to train), and was pressed for time since I had football games to call at 10:00am (the race was at 7:30).

I am glad that I did take the time to run. I managed to record my best time for a 5k this year finishing it in 37:50 (official bib time was 36:46). Although it was not a PR (personal record) it was under 40 minutes, and I never felt better when I got done!

For those of you that do not know, the course is fairly hilly (as is the rest of Asheville), but I think that the downhills more than make up for all the uphill portions of this course. Which, in my opinion, makes this course a fairly easy one. I would say that the toughest portion is the final hill on Walnut Street. It is a fairly steep incline for about – and I’m guesstimating here – .10-.15 of a mile, right at the end of the race.

Of course, I still did not match my time from 2010 when I ran this course. I finished that race in 33:54 (official bib time was 33:19), and that was my PR until I ran a flat race in February of 2011. I did not run this race last year as I elected to run the 1/2 marathon instead.

Now, after how good I felt, I think that I have re-lit that fire I once had for running. However, I think that I am going to go about it differently. This time, instead of running for a virtual team, I am going to do it for myself. After all, who else do I have to prove anything to? And, who else is going to be there to support me 100% of the time no matter what I do, or what I say (verbally or on Facebook)? The answer is – nobody but myself!

Looking forward – the next race I have in my sights is the WNC Run/Walk for Autism 5k. This will be my second time running this race, but the first time on this course. Last year this race moved from the flat course at Carrier Park to the steep terrain at UNC-Asheville. It will be a challenge, but it is one that I am looking forward to taking on.

And, ultimately, I am looking to start training for my first full marathon next year, it will also be the inaugural Asheville Citizen-Times Full Marathon. I will be looking for a 1/2 to do between now and then, maybe the Knoxville 1/2 in April, but I am glad that I will not have to travel far for my first full like I thought that I was going to have to do.


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