Thought I lost it

Earlier, before I decided to create a second blog (Through the Eyes of the “Blue”), I was writing my latest blog about rookie mistakes. Once I had finished it I proceeded to try to save it. Upon hitting the “save draft” button, I received the infamous internet explorer error.

When I quickly hit the back button the page was blank. I was pissed! About 500 words…lost!

I went to my dashboard, the is the area of my blog that shows all my stats: blogs written, number of viewers, most actively viewed postings, and options for updating my blog. Luckily, in this section, I seen that the entry I was writing was saved as a draft!

Whew…I did not have to worry about trying to re-write the posting.

I know…what’s the big deal, right? Afterall, it is JUST a blog posting!

You’re right, it is JUST a blog posting. But, as with any writing; whether it be a blog, letter, email, report, or essay, if you put in the time to write it you don’t expect for it to disappear.

Like I said, luckily it was saved as a draft and I could post it without having to re-write it all. Maybe next time I might write it in word first, then copy it over to my blog. …Nah! That would be too much work!

Rushing for Nothing

Today I was scheduled to umpire my second scrimmage of the pre-season. I was looking forward to it, as I was hoping to be able to spend some time behind the dish and see some pitches. So, since the scrimmage was scheduled for 3:45, and I got out of work at 2:oo, I busted butt to get home, change, and get to the field in time to meet with the other umpires and see what all we were doing, and where all I was going to some practice in at.

Well, the unpredictable WNC weather decided that I didn’t need to get some work in and decided to get cold and dump a little untraceable trace of snow. Needless to say, the scrimmage was postponed to tomorrow, in which I did not know until I checked my email, on my phone, to see that the Assistant Athletic Director from the host school.

Normally that wouldn’t be a problem, but I am already scheduled to work another scrimmage, at pretty much the same time, in another location tomorrow. Since I am new to umpiring, I decided to schedule myself to work four scrimmages so that I can get as much experience as possible before the regular season begins. We are only required, by the State, to work two, and can get credit for working three, but I figure four scrimmages would give me enough practice time to feel more comfortable making calls.

I guess that’s just how it goes. Take what is given to you, no matter who it is that gives it. Three scrimmages are better than two and definitely better than one, which is what some of the other umpires will probably get in with some of the other scrimmages being canceled last Saturday.

Hopefully the weather will clear up before the scrimmage tomorrow and I wont be rushing around to get to another postponed, or canceled, scrimmage. But, then again, I guess that it wouldn’t hurt if I actually checked my email BEFORE I get ready to leave, either, eh?