ASQ CQT Certified

I’m a little late with sharing this bit of info with all my friends out there in the blogosphere. I guess that I have been a bit busy lately. OK…OK, I haven’t been busy, just been too damn lazy to share… you happy now that I admitted it?

Anyways…I am now, officially, a Certified Quality Technician…YAY ME!!

So, what does that mean, you ask? Well, honestly, a whole lot…of nothing! Well…actually, it does mean a little something to the right employers (I wonder where they are all located?).



American Society for Quality


Jason E. Luttrull Receives ASQ-Certified Quality Technician

Milwaukee, WI, October 26, 2009 — The Certification Board of ASQ (American Society for Quality) is pleased to announce that Jason E. Luttrull has completed the requirements to be named an ASQ-Certified Quality Technician (ASQ CQT). As such, Jason E. Luttrull has reached a significant level of professional recognition, indicating a proficiency in and a comprehension of quality concepts, tools, and techniques. Individuals who earn this certification are allowed to use “ASQ CQT” on their business cards and professional correspondence.

“ASQ provides certification as a way to provide formal recognition to professionals who have demonstrated an understanding of, and a commitment to, quality techniques and practices in their job and career,” explains Peter Andres, ASQ president. “This is a great accomplishment and, although not a formal registration or licensure, it represents a high level of peer recognition.”

In order to sit for the CQT examination, an individual must have four years of on-the-job experience in qualityrelated processes. Successful candidates for this certification are expected to be able to apply quality concepts in a variety of situations, including using statistical tools such as DOE, sampling tables, etc., to analyze and solve problems. A CQT is also expected to read and interpret blueprints and drawings, including geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) techniques, quantify cost of quality data, and measure process performance.

Since 1968, when the first ASQ certification examination was given, more than 163,000 individuals have taken the path to reaching their goal of becoming ASQ-Certified in their field or profession, including many of who have attained more than one designation. To learn more about ASQ’s Certified Quality Technician program, visit

ASQ,, has been the world’s leading authority on quality for more than 60 years. With more than 85,000 individual and organizational members, the professional association advances learning, quality improvement and knowledge exchange to improve business results and to create better workplaces and communities worldwide. As champion of the quality movement, ASQ offers technologies, concepts, tools and training to quality professionals, quality practitioners and everyday consumers. ASQ has been the sole administrator of the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award since 1991. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis., ASQ is a founding sponsor of the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI).

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Now that I have this, my third, ASQ Certification (I am also a Certified Quality Improvement Associate – CQIA, and a Certified Quality Process Analyst – CQPA) I think that it may be time to update the ol’ resume and possibly, POSSIBLY, do a little fishing to see what all is out there.

I have mentioned it to my boss a couple times that I might put my resume out there just to see, and she has made it known that she will KILL me. Especially if I was to find something else and leave the current position that I hold. But, then again, at least she will still have her best tech working there. 😉

No, I am not looking to find other employment. I actually quite enjoy the job that I currently have. BUT, if something was to be offered to me that was just too good to pass up, you bet your sweet ass that I would jump on the offer! Of course, it would have to be something that offered one hell of a salary.

Anyhoo…I am really proud of myself for earning this certification, especially since I absolutely DID NOT study for this exam…AT ALL! I just went on what I learned in class two years ago! Yeah, I’m THAT good, dontyaknow!

 Until next time, my friends…


Work interferes with a good week

Last weekend kicked off a fun-packed week for me and the family. And if it wasn’t for this thing we call work, this would be one of the best weeks of the year!

My parents and nephew came down from Michigan this past weekend and we all hung out in Statesville, NC for the 36th Carolina Balloon Fest. This was my first experience with hot air balloons and it made me want to do it again and again. Trust me, I am now hooked on ballooning, thanks to my Aunt (she pilots a balloon) and Uncle. Although I did not get a chance to ride in a balloon (too expensive, but close to the top of the list of things to do before I die now), and all I did was work as crew for my Aunt, it was nothing but good times.


Wizard of Oz Balloon night glow - (My Aunt piloted this balloon)

If you have never been to a balloon festival, you should definitely catch one next year.Don’t know when they are? Or where to find information on them? Well, here is the link for the Carolina Balloon Association and they will have the schedule of events for 2010, at some point in time later this year or the beginning of next. Believe me, you will have a blast!


Ford Balloon - (My Aunt's other balloon)

I am looking forward to hanging out with my Aunt and Uncle again, in a few weeks, for one of the Funfly and Party’s that are scheduled. Should be a good time!

Today I took the wife and kids to the Shrine Circus. I had the tickets for this event since the middle of June. Although it was kind of a short show, it was still great fun. Plus, it got us out of the house. Can’t beat that!

Now I am looking forward to this Saturday night. No, not going trick-or-treating, nor are we going to a Halloween party somewhere. This Saturday I am taking the family on a Ghost Trolly Tour here in Asheville. I am hoping that it will be a very enjoyable end to an excitingly great week.

Now…if only there was something that could be done about work getting in the way of all this fun!

Until next time, my friends…

Craigslist Posting…just had to share.

As you all know, the wife and I are down to one vehicle and we are looking for another. We are hoping to buy a new car tomorrow from a little dealership not too far from our place. But, that hasn’t stopped me from looking around for a good deal.

So, looking for that good deal I decided to check out Craigslist. From what I have heard, there are some really good cars available from the locals that post on there. Don’t belive me? Check out this beauty…

1984 Toyota 4spd manual truck LOW miles! – $1000 (Candler)

Date: 2009-10-14, 6:22PM EDT

 1984 4cyl, 4speed manual with only 57,000 miles! Those ARE the original miles as it was a hardly driven mini motorhome before it became a truck. It has a real dually rear end (it had a “fake” one when I bought it, replaced after I learned the fake second tire can shear off on the highway and cause an accident) so it can support some weight. This would make an excellent yard-work truck (easy to get in and out of!) if you built a ramp up the back. Or easily converted into a flat bed truck, or you could even start to build up your own motorhome! Drive it as is or make changes! It’s up to you, be creative! But this is an extremely reliable vehicle! Clean title.

The clutch slave cylinder was recently replaced and it’s had a good carb cleaning in the last year. Probably in need of an oil change but the spark plugs and dist. cap are less than a year old. Tires have decent tread. This little “beauty” starts up every time, even after it sat for four months without being turned over. This truck will run FOREVER and with the miles and the price, it can’t be beat! Ready to drive home now!
I’m up for partial or full trades as well, for a car (subaru or toyota or something with equal dependability), scooter, or motorcycle.
Email me if you’re interested or have any questions!

Oh yeah, the headlight needs to be replaced, but the boot is stuck on the old one. I have a replacement headlight AND this truck comes with the Haynes repair manual for it 😉

  • Location: Candler
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests




Now, is that not a dream?

Yeah, that’s what I thought too! I think that I am going to rush right out and buy it up. I mean, after all, I can build a ramp for the back of it. Or…or, I can build up my very own motorhome!

Hope you all enjoyed this one as much as what the wife and I did.

Until next time, my friends…


The heartache of being a Lions fan

So, yeah, I’m a Lions fan.

Yes, it was very difficult watching them lose, for the 19th time, straight, at Lambeau Field, against the Green Bay fudge Packers.

I know, I know…they suck. But, I am still a die-hard fan. And no one will ever be able to say that I am a “bandwagon fan” if they ever learn how to play and become good again. Ya know, like they were back in the 1940’s and 1950’s? Yeah, I know that was well before my time, and it will probably be well after my time when they start wining again, but hey, I am still a fan.

But, this is really starting to get to be ridiculous! Not only did they make history last year by going 0 – 16, but now they are 1-5 on this season. And I can’t even be excited about the one win they had…against the Washington Redskins (2-4). I mean, how can you be excited about a win against a team that is giving everyone in the league their first win of the season (NY Giants, Detroit Lions, Carolina Panthers, and Kansas City Chiefs)? Their two wins you ask? Against the St. Louis Rams and Tampa Bay Buccaneers (both teams are win less on the season, which, technically, makes them the worst teams in the league)!

The good thing? There are still three teams, technically, worse than them yet this season; St. Louis Rams, Tennessee Titans, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And there are a couple more that are trying to be worse than them yet this season; Kansas City Chiefs, Cleveland Browns, Oakland Raiders, and the Buffalo Bills.

The bad thing? Even though those teams are, or seem to be, worse than the Lions, they are still looked at as being better!

Should I just give up on being a Lions fan? I don’t know. I have thought about it many times over the past few years. What’s keeping me from doing it? The belief that if I do, they will turn it around. I want to say that I was a die-hard fan throughout it all.

I guess that I will give it another 7 weeks, or so, to decide. After all, they are guaranteed NOT to lose next week since they have a bye. But, after that, they play the St. Louis Rams, Seattle Seahawks, Minnesota Vikings, Cleveland Browns, Green Bay Packers, and the Cincinnati Bengals. If they do not go 4-2 over those games, then I think it will be time to cut ties with them.

So, who will I pledge my allegience to you ask? Probably just to my favorite AFC team, the Tom Brady lead – New England Patriots! Why, you ask, am I jumping on THAT bandwagon? To answer that question, I will have to say that I have been on that bandwagon since Brady took over the team and won their first Super Bowl. After all, can’t go wrong rooting for a team that was smart enough to have a former Wolverine leading them!

For now, I will continue pulling for my Lions… But, in the meantime, Go Patriots!

Until next time, my friends…

A decision is made.

Yesterday I made a decision. It was a very difficult decision to make, for me. I have decided to drop out – no, to put college on hold – for now. I did not discuss this decision with anyone other than myself. Even though I know it is for the best, I still cannot stop thinking about how much of a mistake it is. I may return during the winter term, or I may just weigh my options and see about transferring to a college closer to home.

What made me make this decision, you ask? Well, mainly it is about time, or the lack there of for actually putting forth the dedicated time necessary to achieve the satisfactory that I demand of myself. You see, since the wife and I have been down to one vehicle, I have been working overtime to, hopefully, raise the necessary funds to purchase a decent, dependable, second vehicle. Couple that with the amount of time required for the studies for two online classes. I have realized that it is just not possible for this term.

One of my main arguments, with myself, for making the decision that I have is the fact that I already earned my Associates. I mean, really, do I really need my Bachelors in order to be happy? In order to keep, or land a better career? Or position within the company that I currently work for? For all of those questions, the answer is a resounding NO!

I have already accomplished more than what anyone ever thought that I would. After being a High School drop-out, the only one in my family, to being the first child my parents bore to earn a college degree. Marrying young, having three children young, and keeping this family together for 13 years (after many, many trials that would have torn other families apart). To providing for said family to the best of my abilities; keeping a roof over our heads, food on the table, clothes on our backs, and even providing luxuries that definitely are not necessary.

Yes, I agree that a Bachelor degree would be an even greater accomplishment. However, I also feel that there are more important things for me to take care of right now (things that I cannot, should not, and will not share), things that will make it even more difficult for me to concentrate on the work needing to be done, this term.

No, I am not ruling out the completion of my degree in the future. All I am doing is putting it all on hold, for now. Maybe I will take the time to pay down some of the student loans that have accumulated over the past three years. Maybe I will research the local colleges to see what they actually have to offer me, and what classes will be allowed to transfer from my current learning institution. Or maybe, I may decided that having just the Associate degree is enough.

Who knows that the future holds?

Until next time, my friends…