Memorial Day


Old Glory

Today is Memorial Day for us American’s. Today is a day to reflect and remember those who have died, serving our country, and making it possible for us to pursue our God given rights of life, liberty, and happyness.

As I look back, and pay my respects to those that have served, there are a few that I must really thank. Both of my Grandfathers served in the Army during WWII; my Father served in the Army and the Army Reserve; one of my Uncles, on my Father’s side, served in the Navy, and another severd in the Army for 30 years. My best friend is currently serving in the Army, going on 15 years, and, last I knew, he was on his 4th tour in Iraq. And finally, another friend of mine also served in the Army.

I have been blessed not to have lost anyone close to me while they have served our country, as many people have.  As a matter of fact, there is only one that I previously mentioned that is not still with us today. That is my Grandfather on my Mother’s side. Unfortunately he passed away from a heart attack. So, no, I am not able to feel the same grief as many when it comes to the significance of this day.

But, just because I cannot relate through personal experiences, does not mean that I am unable to relate. Today is just as importantly special to me, as it is to many others, because I do know the sacrifices many of our soldiers have made for our country.

Unfortunately, no, I did not serve in our military. The reasons for my not serving are another story, to be told another day. But, that does not make me any less patriotic. I do still love my country. I do still grieve for those that have been lost in the wars our country has participated in (both, the justified and unjustified wars). And I do have pride in our men and women currently serving, and our veterans that have served in the past to protect our freedoms.

So, as the rest of us celebrate, or use today as a day to rest, relax, and take a break from our busy schedules, take a minute and say thanks to those that have died for us. And pray that those currently serving in Afganistan and Iraq will return home safely so we will not have any more service men or women to remember during future Memorial Day services.


21 Gun Salute

New Toy

Now that I got a new toy for my wife and I (come on people, get your head’s out of the gutter). It is a Nikon P90 Coolpix digital camera. This camera has everything that we have been looking for*:

  • 12.1 megapixels
  • 24x optical/4x digital/ 96x total zoom
  • motion detection
  • 9-point autofocus
  • smile detection
  • continuous sport mode (this is my favorite :))
  • adjustable LCD screen (that way I can hold the damn thing over my head and still take pictures…lol)
  • Plus many, many more!
Nikon P90 - Coolpix 12.1 Megapixel Digital Camera

Nikon P90 - Coolpix 12.1 Megapixel Digital Camera

Let me tell you what. I am in love with this new toy. I just cannot wait to be able to get out and actually take pictures with it.

There have been some mountain views that I have been wanting to capture, but, unfortunately, the camera on my phone just would not do those views any justice. The one view that I am looking forward to capturing the most is along Fairview Rd here in Asheville, NC. The way the sun shines on the mountains, or how the clouds cast a shadow, during the day is just amazing. I am hoping to get some good shots to share with everyone in the coming days.

So, you are probably wondering why I decided to buy this type, right? (Ok, so maybe you’re not that interested, but anyways…lol.) A couple years ago, my family went to a Detroit Tigers game. I got tickets in the right field grandstand, about four rows up. Since the seats were in the sun (and yes, it was horribly hot that day, we were baking, right there in the grandstands), the digital camera we already had seems to have gotten heat stroke from that day and has not been working properly ever since.

 Plus, my wife and I have been wanting to get a new camera, such as this one, for a while. The only thing that had been stopping us is that we were not able to afford to upgrade to a better model. Granted, we still cannot really afford it, but, you only live once, right? And, the bills will still eventually get paid. (Ha ha!, just joking on that last one. Bills did still get paid).

*Source: Best Buy